Bayley - Your at Home Personal Trainer | What Can You Expect
Personal Training designed for Women in the comfort of their own home - Based in London.
Bayley, Personal Trainer, London, At Home
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What Can You Expect

Exercise in the privacy and comfort of your own home

Want something different

Quite often we can want to start a new fitness programme, but for those perhaps new to exercise and looking for a more supportive environment, or those struggling to juggle a very busy lifestyle where time is precious, traditional classes or the gym can seem impersonal, intimidating or simply not for you right now in the current climate. After months of routine disruption the effects of lock down are beginning to take their toll on our physical and mental well being, and although there has been an abundance of online exercise influencers and content, it can be tricky to suss out what is a safe and qualified approach. It’s time for a change…

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Exercise in the privacy, cleanliness and comfort of your own home

I will come directly to you, either in-person whilst following appropriate hygiene practises, or online at a time that fits within your daily routine. Within familiar, warm surroundings where you can affect those small things, such as putting on your favourite music that really gets the endorphins flowing, we will work through a bespoke, fun programme tailored to achieve your personal health and fitness goals. Unlike unsupported online plans, we will regularly review and discuss your progress to enable me to adapt your programme, ensuring it remains stimulating, continues to produce results and supports your ongoing development. In this environment it doesn’t matter what you look like or what you wear. This is your space, your time, a moment to focus on doing something positive for you.

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It’s not about intimidating machines or sharing equipment

At a time when working from home is the norm and ensuring the highest standards of hygiene is paramount, home personal training is ideal to break up the working day and ease cramped muscles in an environment that you have total control over. I will advise you on cost effective, simple equipment that can be incorporated into our sessions for your own personal use – no need to share, no need to stress. With a fundamental focus on correct and safe form, I will explain why we do things and encourage you to gain a greater awareness of specific muscle contractions within your body so that you get the most out of every new technique. This will empower you to exercise independently, ensuring you are equipped to maintain your progress in-between our sessions and beyond.

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Nutrition kept simple – no weighing, just good whole foods

To complement your exercise goals I will provide effective, sustainable nutritional guidance, helping you regulate your appetite, feel energised and alert.

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It’s a lifestyle thing