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Fat Loss | Personal Training designed for Women in the comfort of their own home - Based in London.
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Fat Loss

Restore your body’s healthy composition.

Fat Loss

Fat Loss – restore your body’s healthy composition


Many of us at some stage in our lives will relate to a desire to lose weight. ‘Lose weight’, hmmm, what do we actually mean by that? For some it may be a gentle suggestion by our friendly GP that we trim a few inches off the waist to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, high LDL cholesterol, heart disease or high blood pressure to name but a few. For others it may be getting back into that favourite dress, or perhaps a desire to feel in shape after pregnancy. Whatever the motivation, what we’re really talking about is helping our bodies regain balance and get back to a healthier place. For many people this is a highly personal and sensitive matter, with real progress derived from understanding our individual physical, nutritional, emotional, and lifestyle habits.


Safely and effectively achieve your fat loss goals – it starts now


My simple, 3 step approach…


1.Initial consultation to understand your current lifestyle habits and personal fat loss goals.


2.A combination of various exercises specially engineered to your specific abilities and monitored to hit the required intensity for results.


3.Nutritional guidance regarding appropriate types of food, identification of behavioural and emotional habits hindering your success, as well as useful strategies and on hand motivational support to help you overcome those difficulties.


The Result…..Looking good, feeling energised, a healthier ‘you’ – smile, because you did this.