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Body Toning and Shaping | Personal Training designed for Women in the comfort of their own home - Based in London.
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Body Toning and Shaping

Reveal a leaner physique that’s all woman.

Body Toning and Shaping

Body Toning and Shaping – reveal a leaner physique that’s all woman


Let’s face it ladies, you’ve seen the adverts, we come in all different shapes and sizes, but one thing is consistent; when working towards a firmer, more balanced physique, a programme of resistance training can be a great place to start. But hang on, ‘resistance’? Doesn’t that mean weights? A bulky, muscular body? Don’t panic, resistance training doesn’t turn women into the incredible hulk, in fact, the opposite. So whether you have a short term goal of wanting to feel confident in that new bikini, get in shape for your wedding day, or you’re simply thinking more long term about retaining all that is fabulous, let’s get started.


Want to enhance your natural curves and work towards a stronger body? Want it, do it – Let’s make it a reality


My simple, 3 step approach…


1.Initial consultation to understand your goals and personal areas of concern.


2.Combination of compound and isolation exercises utilising functional (everyday) movement patterns specifically chosen to address your individual needs. This will be carefully monitored to ensure correct form, optimal muscle contraction/extension in the target area and maintain required intensity for results.


3.Nutritional advice to support body adaptations and reduce body fat.


The Result…More shape – a whole lot of self confidence