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Postural Improvement | Personal Training designed for Women in the comfort of their own home - Based in London.
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Postural Improvement

Reinvigorate your natural confidence and presence...

Postural Improvement

Postural improvement – reinvigorate your natural confidence and presence.


We all develop postural deficiencies over time, whether it’s from long days hunched over a computer or carrying the little one on your hip; and the end result? Those niggling pains that won’t go away, perhaps inhibiting your ability to reach your workout goals, complete daily activities with ease, or maybe just leaving you with a sense that your confidence simply isn’t what it used to be.


Develop strength and presence – walk into a room with your head held high and say ‘I’m here’


My simple, 3 step approach…


1) Initial analysis of your posture and functional movement patterns to identify muscle groups underused due to our modern lifestyle.


2) Strengthening of those muscle groups through carefully selected resistance exercise consistently monitored to ensure correct and safe form.


3) Stretching and lengthening of muscles shortened by excessive use and skeletal imbalance.


The Result…
Restored optimal alignment, reduced pressure on joints and increased mobility – stand up straight and proud.