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Functional Strength Training| Personal Training designed for Women in the comfort of their own home - Based in London.
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Strength Training

Enjoy a sense of empowerment

Strength Training

Functional Strength Training – Enjoy a sense of empowerment


The thought of weight bearing exercise can sound a little daunting – but stick with me on this one. Weight bearing or, resistance exercise can offer a stimulating and rewarding approach, with tangible goals that allow us to feel a real sense of personal empowerment when we reach them. Through utilising a few key pieces of equipment, we will explore a range of resistance techniques using your own body weight, which will fire up that metabolism and help to turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

Resistance exercise provides great health benefits such as increasing bone density and reducing the rate of bone loss to protect against or help with existing risks of osteoporosis (very important for us ladies), and it improves muscular strength, coordination and balance – stay active and independent.


Test, challenge, succeed
My simple, 3 step approach…


1.Initial consultation to understand your goals, decide appropriate measurement approach and assess current strength and motor skills.


2.Completion of a range of progressive exercises specifically designed to achieve your personal goals, initially utilising body weight, suspension harness and resistance bands/tubes. Our sessions will stress the use of correct form to minimise the risk of injury and ensure optimal muscle recruitment and intensity.


3.Nutritional guidance to support muscular development.


The Result…
Greater strength, coordination and balance – protecting your body now and for the future